Chordata – Ostara / Militant Science

Since changing their business model from commercial paid releases to that of a netaudio label, Militant Science has seen no dip in the quality of their artists work and subsequent releases. If anything, the switch to being a netaudio has allowed Paul Blackford the electrobass maverick producer responsible for Militant Science, to release their work more regularly. Ostara, the 32nd release for the netaudio direction clearly illustrates that the labels quality control remains high.

Glasgow based producer Chordata lays it down hard, acidic and machinefunked with his 16 track album. Ostara thunders across the hour with some real gems, for my money: opener Elipse; electrobass roller Nightwalker; those sexy and addictive claps on Antisocialite; and the evil foreboding on the rinsing When Nature Fights Back.

As a fellow electro lover would say, this release has got the kopfnicken by the bucketload. Yet another strong electrobass release from the dependable Militant Science and Chordata.

One last thing, do check out the interview Null+Void did with Chordata last year.

Chordata – Ostara

Chordata – Elipse
Chordata – Reality Check One-Two
Chordata – Em Nightmare
Chordata – Geis It
Chordata – Nightwalker
Chordata – Seamus
Chordata – Antisocialite
Chordata – Bodega Bay
Chordata – When Nature Fights Back
Chordata – Rocket Appliances
Chordata – Road Rash
Chordata – Amatrampoline
Chordata – Green Demons
Chordata – Tornado Alley
Chordata – Witch Bit
Chordata – Ostara


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