the midnightminustwo broadcast finale farewell show

As some of you might know I’ve been co-running the midnightminustwo label with producer and DJ: Clodhoppa. Sadly due to factors beyond our control the label is being put to sleep. It may yet be resurrected as something else, but for the time being the releases already out will continue to be sold at many download stores (such as iTunes, Beatport, Junodownload, Boomkat) until February next year.

Running alongside the label, label owner Clodhoppa hosted a 2 hour fortnightly radio show. This is the final shows archive, a tribute to the label, of what we achieved and what we were pushing next. Clodhoppa had this to say when he upped the final show broadcast last Sunday.

So, the archive’s up now, a full 2 hours mix, no talking, to celebrate what’s been an eventful few years.

I said it on the show, but to make it unutterably certain that people get their props, I’d like to thank all the people who listened to the show and bought the tunes, the artists, both the ones we released and the others we worked with, all the backroom people, such as Chris at Melograph mastering (can’t espouse his greatness enough), David at Finetunes (German efficiency, English wit), all at Dispersion for doing a lot for not very much really, and last but not least Carol and Mike DVNT. Without either of them we wouldn’t have been able to do what we did.

And as sad as laying a music label to rest is, myself and Clodhoppa are teaming up to start a new radio show: bangwagon. Which I have been given the honour of breaking in on October 3rd. And who knows what we’ll do next, we’ll see what we can sort out.

the midnightminustwo broadcast finale farewell show

Clodhoppa – The Drop (from the ‘looking for the exit’ album. to be released free soon)
La La & The Boo Ya – Big Ideas (demo for ‘we’re street, doncha know’ EP)
OG – Bacon n Egg (mmiifr001)
James Fox – Imagine That (mmiiprdct003)
Koro Inu – Sidewinder (mmiiprdct005)
Minimax – Wonky (demo for artist EP)
James Fox – Xylophone (mmiiprdct003)
Koro Inu – Selassie Singing (mmiiprdct005)
Swim – Dip (demo for a broken beat compilation)
Hiesenberg – Keep It Greco (demo for a broken beat compilation)
James Fox – Day Of The Tentacle (mmiiprdct003)
Steelo – Flake (demo for artist EP)
Minimax – Lummucks (demo for artist EP)
Pierre Von Cantaloube – Electron (demo for broken beat compilation)
OG – Seeker (mmiiprdct004)

Clubroot – Embryo minimix (one that got away)

Tim Peterson – Some Place Else (one that got away)
La La & The Boo Ya – Forever (demo for ‘we’re street, doncha know’ EP)
Clodhoppa ft Miss T – Long Grass (from the ‘looking for the exit’ album. to be released free soon)


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