Patscan – Mollycoddlers EP / Acroplane

Continuing their aural assault on electronica worldwide are Acroplane with this, their 15th for cash and first for 2012; the debut release for the Belfast imprint from Patscan.

A producer I first came across on Leeds imprint Digital Distortions back in October; Patscan’s Pat Hime also has releases under his belt for Concrete Plastic, Lewd Recordings and his Plasticine album for Rednetic Recordings from 2007.

Making up the Mollycoddlers EP, Patscan weaves six tracks of melodic IDM electronica through to more dancefloor built electro jams. All six are delicately detailed.

The collection begins with Mollicodi; a beautiful synth waits to greet us; a gradual building series of clicks and ethereal shimmers of vocal; a digital jungle waterfall you walk into on some deep trip. Or something.

What I guess you can class as uptempo is Skipsyn which brings to the table giddy playing beats with a jam that brings a smile and a undeniable head nod. Fidimiddl continues with a deeper but no less upbeat piece. Prittipoli feels like a lullaby, chimes and childlike nondescript vocal snippets. An underlying drive flows up as the track begins to mature.

The most upbeat and sharp slice yet from the Mollycoddlers belongs to Boxydroplyn. It’s also the longest at just shy of 6 minutes. The beats are tight hi-tek electro but the added chimes and narrative-like melody take this track somewhere else entirely than that of a sweaty male dominated 4am club floor. Absolutely blinding this cut. Available now.

Patscan – Mollycoddlers EP

Patscan – Mollicodl
Patscan – Skipsyn
Patscan – Fidimiddl
Patscan – Prittipoli
Patscan – Boxydroplyn
Patscan – Shrivlry


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