preview Erratic’s IDM treat EP ‘Downward Echoes’ due on Acre Recordings next week

Flying the flag for IDM in 2013 Acre Recordings, one of our favourite Scottish labels, has a new EP due for release next week from Belgium’s Jan Robbe AKA Erratic. Take a listen to the previews below.

The five track EP from the Entity netlabel boss, Downward Echoes is less abstracted than his fine label is known for – though it still has the depth of crystal formed precision electronica we’ve come to expect from Acre and the more downbeat flavour Entity pushes.

…infused with coruscating microscopic rhythms, yet which is ameliorated by the heavy and present dub-inspired bass lines. Atomic sounds vie for attention with a suffusion of lush pads and haunting alien soundscapes, creating satisfying and highly visual tensions. This interplay between the micro and the macro is deeply beguiling but this isn’t chin-strokey IDM. Rather it is warm, undeniably welcoming and just a little bit catchy! This is sterling music for the synaesthetic.

Available from September 2nd.


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