Token Records latest single, from Ø [Phase]

On Monday Belgium’s fine techno label Token Records release their new single from Ashley Burchett who you’ll know as Ø [Phase]. Hear both tracks below. Also worth noting is that both On The Edge and Perplexed will be featured on his début album Frames Of Reference, due out this autumn.

And as taster’s go, I know I won’t be alone in looking very much forward to clasping my hands (and ears) on the album in the next few months. Burchett has been with the label since 2007 and is a fine DJ – crafting rolling percussion draped in gritted headspace textures and thump. His production work, naturally, follows suit.

The industrially textured, dark/light of On The Edge against the deeper, no less atmospheric, probably more in fact, Perplexed. Both are rich in their soundscape details leaving you with very two confident tracks. Bring on the album.

Ø [Phase] – On The Edge
Ø [Phase] – Perplexed


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