Hoth System’s mix – ’20 Lashes’

Ireland’s Tony McMurray, better known around Darkfloor Towers as Hoth System has unleashed a new mix.

20 Lashes is a well mixed selection, that as with Hoth’s production work; is take no prisoners, heads down gnarly techno. It’s not fast and hard, but it packs a punch. Amongst new work from his studio there are tracks from WJ Henze, Johan Bacto, Robert Hood, Duality’s Systemic, Christian Wunsch, Anton Pieete, Tuomas Rantanen, Forward Strategy Group and Miller & Keane.

If you’re looking for an hour to blast away your brain without resorting to ringing that back alley pharmacist some bloke in a pub gave you the ‘business card’ of you’ll be in capable hands with 20 Lashes. If anything the choice of image to accompany the mix should make an impression.

Hoth System – 20 Lashes

Hoth System – Stripped of Dignity [unreleased]
WJ Henze – B H10 [H-Ten]
Hoth System – Bone of a Saint [unreleased]
Johan Bacto – B2 [Mankind004]
Johan Bacto – B1 [Mankind001]
Robert Hood – Strobe Light [Music Man]
Hoth System – Grim Acceptance [Audioexit]
Systemic – Synesthesia [Duality]
Hoth System – Foreign Object [Audioexit]
Christian Wunsch – B Master Avalanche [IM]
Fanon Flowers – B1 Slovakian Nights [Mechanisms Industries]
Virgil Enzinger – Lifestream (Robert Natus remix) [Killaz]
Hoth System – Pilot Error [C24]
Anton Pieete – Karate [Manuke]
Tuomas Rantanen – Concrete Symbol [Aftertaste]
Carlos Rios – Propane [Zwart]
Hoth System – The Gnashing of Teeth [C24]
Forward Strategy Group – Code#1 [Perc Trax]
Hoth System – Official Myth [unreleased]
Miller & Keane – Depth Charge [Audiosculpture]


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