Bushby live at Future-Past 2010-11-13

Bushby is no stranger around these parts, his mixes have graced these hallowed corridors, his label Digital Distortions and their tracks have populated more Mantis Radio broadcasts than I can remember, and the bloke even knows how to string together a few decent tunes. It goes without saying that regular listeners to Mantis Radio and in with the Darkfloor ting will know who Bushby is and what he can do. Those that don’t, shame on you, secondly, head here for an education.

Having said those words above this paragraph, it neatly leads me into the following and to say that this is taken from and hence available on the Detatched podcast, their 14th mix/release as it happens. Bushby had the the following to say about the ensuing selection of sounds:

In keeping with the Future-Past vibe every track in this set was released before the year 2000.

Bushby – Live at Future-Past 2010-11-13

A Guy Called Gerald – Voodoo Ray (Justin Robertson Lionrock Soundtrack) [Juice Box]
Laudanham Vapour Gardens – A Touch Of The Vapours [Fuel]
Soul Oddity – People Party [Schematic]
Soul Oddity – DJ Tokyo [Schematic]
Soul Oddity – Freq Shift [Schematic]
Synapse – Stealing Science [Language]
Soul Oddity – Odd Jobs (Rhythm Box Version) [Schematic]
Jean Louis Huhta – Space (Original Mix) [H-Productions]
The Martian – 808 Celcius Surface Temperature [Red Planet]
DJ Pierre – Box Energy [Trax]
Anthony Rother – Red Light District [Mikrolux]
MC Unknown – Untitled [Logistic]
Future Sound Of London – Moscow (Remix) [Jumpin & Pumpin]
Phresh Phantasy – Come On Acid [Logistic]
DJ Roxy – Bass Trax [Logistic]
React 2 Rhythm – Intoxication (Clubfield Mix) [Guerilla]
Freaky Chakra – Automatic [Astralwerks]
Kraftwerk – Nummern [Kling Klang]
DJ Mink – hey Hey Can U Relate! [Ozone]
Silver Bullet – 20 Seconds To Comply [Tam Tam]
Lionrock – Death Valley Clapperboard [Deconstruction]
Future Sound Of London – Expander (Remix) [Jumpin & Pumpin]
Rhythm Is Rhythim – The Dance [Transmat]
Renegade Soundwave – Ozone Breakdown [Mute]
Hardnoise – Untitled [Music of Life]
Lionrock – Peace Repackaged [Deconstruction]
LS Diezel & Launch Dat – Poor Man’s Glory [Digidub]


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