The 4th Anniversary Mantis Radio special
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Mantis Radio 86 – Anniversary Special

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It’s our anniversary! As is our yearly tradition we take a look back at the last year of shows with a selection of tracks played in the last 12 months, and the 3 most popular guest sessions.

Herd – Tangent 34 []
Giuseppe – Back in Dark (B.A.X. remix) [Astor Bell]
Ben Frost – Peter Venkman Pt.1 [Bedroom Community]
C. Mantle – L Mink [Myuzyk]
Herv – Northern Soulless [theCentrifuge]
Drugstore – Black Widow [Audioexit]
Girl Unit – Wut [Night Slugs]

Our 3rd most popular session

Anodyne – Menace 808 [Earwiggle]
Surgeon – The Crawling Frog Is Torn And Smiles [Dynamic Tension Records]
Traversable Wormhole – Closed Timelike Curve (Marcel Dettman remix) [CLR]
Mazzula – Paristan [dub]
Joey Beltram – Fractuals [Kombination Research]
Lifecycle – Chatter [Ricochet Records]
Jam City – Arpjam [Night Slugs]
Spookhouse – Truffle Shuffle [Digital Distortions]
Rogue Frequency – Forgotten Secrets (DeFeKt remix) [Takeover Recordings]
Rory St. John – Deglove [Limetree]
Altered Natives – LFO Natives [Eye4Eye Recordings]
Amon Tobin – Hey Mr Tree []

Our 2nd most popular session

Phat Chex – Outright Mental Defective [Darkfloor Sound]
Lucy + Xhin – LX1 [Stroboscopic Artefacts]
Marc Houle – Drift [Minus]
Paul Blackford – Half Life [DeadLock Records]
Valta + Minikin – Man Down [Rag + Bone]
Forward Strategy Group – Code #02 [Perc Trax]
Global Goon – Gonweh [J-HOK records]
Galaxian – Surge v.26 [Last Known Trajectory]
Broken Note – Aporia [Ad Noiseam]
DVF (Dead Sound vs Videohead) – Warehouse [dub]
Casual Violence – Briefly Sexual (Voidloss and now cold and alone mix) [Singularity]

Our most popular session


Yes, we’ve reached that milestone, in fact we very nearly overshot it. As old as we’re getting now we nearly forgot it was our birthday. As we enter the 5th year of broadcasting the show, we celebrate with a retrospective look at the past years 22 broadcasts, including a run down and 20 minute excerpt from the top 3, most downloaded shows in the past year.

It’s been very close on the old statistics front with not very many separating them. I’ll also be rinsing through some of many tracks I’ve played over the past year, picking out some of my faves.

It is perhaps worth me mentioning that I try to deliver fresh music to each show, so very easily I misplace and genuinely forgot some of the quite awesome sound dropped over the past years archived broadcasts. All the shows (and the earlier 62 shows) are still available and will remain so. Which show was your favourite? Did you discover a great new producer from the show? If so, who? Let us know, I’d be very interested in who perked your interest.

As I say every year, a huge thank you to both the showcased guests and you the listeners. Thank you for your continued support. Here’s to another year!


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