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We welcome back Drvg Cvltvre to Mantis Radio who has put together a label showcase of his New York Haunted imprint. In our first hour, we’ve new tracks from Ruins, dgoHn, Cristian Vogel, Crystal Castles, Perc Trax, and Rodz Konez, alongside older material from Ministry, Ruskin and Converter.

Crystal Castles – Ornament [Fiction Records]
dgoHn – Ralph (Jodey Kendrick remix) [Love Love Records]
Ministry – Thieves [Sire]
Cyclea – Circumambient Periphery [Cyclea]
Dasein – Pays Sans Visage (Yan Kaylen Kontinuum remix) [Tripalium Corp]
Makaton – Defiler (Corax remix) [Rodz Konez]
Ansome – Back Alley Sally (Randomer remix) [Perc Trax]
Ruins – You’re In My Way [unreleased]
Antenna Happy – Spark (Vessels remix) [Reinhardt]
James Ruskin – After Dark [Blueprint]
DVNT & 2BX – Untitled 002 [unreleased]
Beyond – Blood Castle [Urban Legend]
Converter – Sadist [Ant-Zen]
Cristian Vogel – Snowcrunch [Shitkatapult]

Gasstation Of Love – Turmoil In Leather [NYH] forthcoming
Sebastiano Carghini – AU3 [NYH] forthcoming
Drvg Cvltvre – ORSO II [unreleased]
Peter Gibney – Into The Ether [NYH] forthcoming
Retrograde Youth – Love Fantasy [Radio Matrix]
Mike Davis – Brutalism Concrete [NYH] forthcoming
Drvg Cvltvre – Leprosarium [unreleased]
Semita Serpens – True Zen [NYH43]
XOOL – Locked Ward [NYH] forthcoming
SB51 – 12oClock [NYH] forthcoming
AAAA – Phase Of Bass [NYH42]
Mike Davis – Tear Us Apart Again [NYH50]
Tunnel One – Rough Gehm
Volte Face – Shirime [BleeD]
Chris Moss Acid – Nazareth [NYH] forthcoming
Mystical – Substance D
Drvg Cvltvre – Kill Or Be Killed Son
Kuvera B – The City Of Arkham [NYH] forthcoming

Cyclea – Fetal Discoveries (excerpt) [Cyclea]


New York Haunted (NYH) is curated and and managed by prolific musician & producer Vincent Koreman (Drvg Cvltvre). Returning to our show with a second session, his first was two years ago – this time he showcases his experimental techno imprint.

Much like his own work ethic, his label releases high grade material prolifically from a range of artists and sound – from more house textured stuff to tougher four to the floor cuts. Contained within the mix, loads of forthcoming label material, fierce acid jams, stomping techno and lashings of noise.

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