Cover art for July's Metal Edition of Mantis Radio

Mantis Radio Metal Edition – July 2021

If you missed my live broadcast last week of this month’s Metal Edition, worry not, because here is the recording. On it you’ll hear music from the likes of Boris, Lamb of God, Genghis Tron, Rorcal & Earthflesh, Tool, King Woman, White Ward, At The Gates, Witch Vomit, and Mayhem, covering The Dead Kennedys.

As you heard last month, and the month before that, this special edition of Mantis Radio is all about metal, the heavy kind, the black kind, the death kind, the doom kind, and some kinds of it that lurk in between some of those, of whose name I am not sure.

Boris – Anti-Gone [Fangs Anal Satan]
Full of Hell, HEALTH – FULL OF HEALTH [Loma Vista Recordings]
Lamb of God – Reality Bath [Nuclear Blast]
Skáphe – IX – The Lowest Abyss [Crucial Blast]
Genghis Tron – Pyrocene [Relapse Records]
FELLED – The Rite of Passage [Transcending Obscurity Records]
Rorcal & Earthflesh – Happiness sucks – So Do You [Hummus Records]
Tool – Bottom [Zoo Entertainment]
King Woman – Utopia [Relapse Records]
Doldrum – The Knocking [self-released]
dai-ichi – Pesuto No Jidai No Ai ­[Fólkvangr Records]
Ekdik?sis – Canvas of a New Dawn [self-released]
Deeformis – Where Nothing Grows [self-released]
Ieschure – Eternal Agony [JEMS]
White Ward – Embers [Debemur Morti Productions]
At the Gates – Touched by the White Hands of Death [Century Media]
Witch Vomit – Funeral Purgation [20 Buck Spin]
Mayhem – Hellnation [Century Media]


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