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Mantis Radio 274 – Dimentia

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We welcome back the dark electro sound of Dimentia. With music from Speedy J, Radioactive Man‘s new project Victor Valiant, John Lever and Bering Strait, Savier, Carl Craig, Max Cooper, Ex Continent, Luke Lund, Altern 8, Tensal and Pessimist, and more.

Darkfloor Sound · Mantis Radio 274 – Dimentia

Speedy J – Borax [NovaMute]
John Lever – Endless Sea (Bering Strait remix) [Bering Strait Archives]
Ex Continent – Forma [Hospital Productions]
Max Cooper – Rule 110 [Mesh]
Norwell & S Olbricht – 12% Morphine [Cleaning Tapes]
Krypton 81 – Ectoplasm [Elektrodos Recordings]
Victor Valiant – Tanker [Asking For Trouble]
MVDV – Lost Control [Shipwrec]
Foamek – Avalon (Corridor Dub) [Recycled Plastics]
Altern 8 – Infiltrate 202 [Network Records]
DeFeKT – Dirty Diesel [Earwiggle]
Savier – NLP1 [Etang Brûlant]
Luke Lund – Illegal 1.3 Stuck Tape Dub [Trium Circulorum]
Carl Craig – Domina (Benedikt Frey remix) [Planet E]

Recorded live at AMF XXII

Prince Jammy – War in the Asteroid Belt [Greensleeves Records]
Sarantis – End Up Missing ft Dialect (Lenkemz remix) [Senseless Records]
Tensal – Santolaya (Pessimist remix) [Soma Records]

Featured Guest

Since 2001 Oakland based artist Dimentia has created sound and rhythm rooted in dark electro, techno, industrial and breakcore. He’s toured the US and Europe – including playing for Darkfloor Live in London in 2012. Dimentia is his main project, one focused on hardware production and live performance.

His music has seen release on Katabatik, Void Tactical Media, Zhark International, Record Label Records and Cuss Fetish.

For over 20 years Dimentia has been an active member of underground music collective Katabatik, Flowershop and Spaz sound systems and a supporter of esoteric electronic music in the Bay Area.

For his second session for Mantis Radio, his first was in 2012 and show number 109, he presents a recent live recording of his from Mutant Fest held late June, early July somewhere in Cascadia, in the Pacific Northwest of America.

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