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Noxgenus collective member Zwart Licht Kommando is our guest this week on Mantis Radio, showcasing his electro, acid and tech.

AEED – More Time [Error Broadcast]
Clodhoppa – Red Shoe Morning [midnightminustwo]
Applescal – Describe The Doc (Hernan Cattaneo remix) [Deep Focus]
Kyle Geiger – Ode To The Elders (Perc remix) [Perc Trax]
PMT – Necromancer [En:Vision Recordings]
Danjel Esperanza – Lost Something [Backdoor Beauty]
N COM – NCOM Chapter 3 (Len Faki remix) []
Bas Mooy – Nachtsschade (Radial remix) [Planet Rhythm Records]
King Cannibal – Dirt (feat. Daddy Freddy) [Ninja Tune]
SULLY – Bless [Urban Graffiti]
PRICE – Wight [DPR]
Hardfloor – The Thrill Acid Theme (ERP remix) [Hardfloor]
Massive Attack – Inertia Creeps (Austin Speed Dubstep Bootleg) [Dub]
Blackmass Plastics – Nothing Nice [Dub]

Zwart Licht Kommando – Intro [unreleased]
Zwart Licht Kommando – Metatrons Journey Part 1 [unreleased]
Zwart Licht Kommando – The R.O.W.I. Project [Simulacron Records]
Zwart Licht Kommando – Drown [Noxgenus]
Zwart Licht Kommando – Curve [unreleased]
Zwart Licht Kommando – Subatomic [unreleased]
Zwart Licht Kommando – Bogey [unreleased]
Zwart Licht Kommando – Ride [unreleased]
Zwart Licht Kommando – Bladerunner Tribute [unreleased]
Zwart Licht Kommando – Needlequacker [unreleased]
Zwart Licht Kommando – Het Licht Wordt Zwarter [unreleased]
Zwart Licht Kommando – Painted with Glory [unreleased]
Zwart Licht Kommando – Can U Feel It? [Kommando 6 Records]
Zwart Licht Kommando – S.E.M.T.E.X [unreleased]


Born in 1976, ZLK’s music education began at home thanks to his father who was a microelectronics engineer and a pirate radio fanatic and at the age of eight years old he started sampling on his dad’s multitrack reeltapes and C64 using SID synthesis, making weird noise tracks.

During his teens and working at a local electronics shop he bought his first SL1200’s and began DJing and organising parties together with a group of friends. ZLK kept a very broad and versatile interest in all forms of electronic music and incorporated a computer and music software into his analog setup.

Being part of the collective ‘noxgenus‘, ZLK and the rest of the crew kept their music freely available for everyone by distributing it on cassettes, minidiscs, CDs and eventually on the internet. Releases on commercial vinyl and CD’s are rare, but some material has been exclusively released on FingersLTD, N.E.W., Kommando 6 and Simulacron.


Simply listen back to the show, email me the answer to the question (on at and complete the 2nd part of the question. We’ve multiple vinyl copies of Danjel Esperanza’s Lost Something release on Backdoor Beauty to give away for free. What are you waiting for?

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