MAHR – When Her Story Ends

Wisconsin’s MAHR curates When Her Story Ends, released through her Pale Noir imprint. A five track gothic tinged offering, comprising four versions of MAHR’s original piece. Offering versions up are Black Panel Skript, WIKAN, D/SIR, and Darkfloor favourite Bombardier.

Setting the pace – Black Panel Skript’s wide angle drone and that, simple but perfect for the track, percussive beat that gets you locked in deep.

British producer WIKAN’s version is the gothno groove roller, effortlessly gliding through its seven minute run time. Bombardier’s short but supreme greyscale grinder shows off the US producers utter command of his sound space and reaffirms our love for his work. Pure bliss this one, in less than four minutes setting an epic vista of sound.

LA dark dub duo D/SIR offer a brooder of a version – shrouded in ethereal drone and general shadowy murk the beats lumber forward like a creature with ill intent.

The final part of this five piece collection is MAHR’s original track – a beautiful, slow play lullaby drone. She builds the layers up, introducing her stretched out voice at the tracks midpoint before adding tension and poise with delicate beats. Like a Twin Peaks OST out-take this one.

All told, this is a wonderful EP and one to nurture winter with.
Highly recommended.


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