Look busy, Gunjack is back with Just Because.

Hailing from Los Angeles, now based in Santiago, Chile – Gunjack was, in the past decade, a techno producer who’s tracks were uncompromising, hard edged, essential. His Deafmosiac and CONSUME labels might not have the biggest of discographies, but do have excellent and slamming cuts of primetime techno. Case in point (and personal favourite) – the mutant dub/breaks technoid of Bruckshut’s Revenge.

Increasingly Brian Gibbs, the man behind the name, became disillusioned with where techno was going and announced his retirement. He’d been experimenting with a sort of hip-hop funk that would blossom, 2012, into Echo Park – an alias that was championed by Skream through his Disfigured Dubz imprint.

Secretly many of us Gunjack fans were hoping that his indefinite withdrawl from the darker thud of techno was just a temporary thing and that we would be greeted once again Gibbs’ take on dancefloor staple. Seems our wish has come true as Gunjack has resurfaced.

Self released and as-far-as-I-can-see only available direct from the freshly launched Gunjack Labs and label imprint TechnoShock Therapy is Just Because.

TechnoShock Therapy proudly presents the first single from GUNJACK in 2 years. Just Because… is the antidote to the wimpy and wishy washy “techno” most commonly found on dancefloors today. Hard and uncompromising, both mixes stand as proper tools for any DJ or music lover who wishes to get the blood pumping and let the mind wander over playful, advanced electronics.

Gunjack Labs states itself as home to

Unreleased and alternate versions of your favorite tracks. Re mastered classics and reissues.

What of the tracks offered? Well, Just Because We Can, Doesn’t Mean We Should is a pacey tribal looper that slams out of the stable door. The remix version is less frantic but packs a thud punch that should do plenty damage at a warehouse near you.

So whether these are brand new or previously unreleased archive tracks matters not, I, like many of you, am happy to have Gunjack back. The past year or two’s increased focus into the harder more industrial and thunderous takes on techno; leaving behind that overdone mnml, drone style sound has, it seems, proved inviting to Gibbs and tempted him back.


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