Glossata – Pearls & Smoke

Laica dives head first into a sound-world with many textures but only the darkest of colours.

Pearls and Smoke is the debut album by Glossata (although there have been more in a previous life as Alteria Percepsyne) it was bought to my attention with the words “The new Glossata album is full of dreamy drift-techno goodness. You might like this” and like it I did.

The album does indeed open with a dreamy drift in the shape of Lampsace. A beatless drone piece that really sets the tone for the rest of the album being both warm and deep whilst also being full of static, glitched voices and orchestral snatches on a bed on deep humming bass.

Following this, Victoria’s Fading Eyes brings beats, sitting on top of filtering hazy string loops is a simple 4/4 beat. Nothing fancy. Just a simple beat. At a sedate pace. Some nice chords and a few twists and turns, but all in all simplicity is the key.

Further into the album comes Swallowed Up in an Unalterable Dream, a track which is almost an EP of its own; clocking in at just under 15 minutes its an immersive drone of slo-mo techno and voice. I can’t quite make out what is being said, some of the words seem to be played backwards. I can make out “because its all gone” but not much more and that only adds to its beauty.

Weaving the Fabric of the Moon is another simple 4/4 beat track, aimed at the darker corners of the dance floor. This could work well in the right hands.  As would Dancing in the Dark; after its slow burn intro its another solid, almost house music groove. The kind of track I could find myself opening a Darkfloor set with.

I have not covered every track on the album as I want you to find out some of its secrets for yourself. But this is a really engaging album. It’s nice to find an album that contains so many textures without it feeling like it’s been pushed together. It’s not an ambient/drone album. It’s not a techno album. It contains elements of those, and it has more besides. It’s something new. It’s something wonderful. It’s something to loose yourself in.


Glossata – Lampsace
Glossata – Victoria’s Fading Eyes
Glossata – Oakwhales and Smoketails
Glossata – Swallowed Up in an Unalterable Dream
Glossata – Deeply Evoked by the Stars
Glossata – Weaving the Fabric of the Moon
Glossata – Tending the Isle of Lost Daughters
Glossata – Dancing After Dark
Glossata – Quaint, Faint Silhouettes

Available as limited edition (x100) matte digipak CD from Feb 15th.


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