Ed Devane live at Test, Twisted Pepper, Dublin

Check this one then – Ed Devane recorded live at the Test clubnight in Dublin on September 18th, 2010. Expect some serious Darkfloor approved sound, you have been warned.

Mr Devane was on the bill along with Redshape and Anodyne and by all accounts the night went off. If you like what you hear, then do check out his recent album release Molten Membrane, which if I do say so myself, is something rather special. He also did a wicked showcase mix recently for Mantis Radio.

Ed Devane live at Test, Twisted Pepper, Dublin
download stream

Ed Devane – Stony-faced / Cataclysmic
Ed Devane – BYM version
Ed Devane – Tua
Ed Devane – Technoblient version
T-Polar – War Stories for Boys (Ed Devane remix) [Takeover Recordings]
Ed Devane – Squib (dry) (feat. vox from Amanda Feery + Regan O’Brien “From the Moment You Arrive”)
Ed Devane – Frozen Backpackers [Mantrap Records]
Ed Devane – Playtime [!kaboogie]
Ed Devane – Melted Membrane [Mantrap] forthcoming
Ed Devane – Lissajous Inversion
Ed Devane – Money for Beer? [Spacebar Sentiments]
Ed Devane – Chalktown Bounce Collision [Takeover Recordings]
Ed Devane – (why worry about something that doesn’t exist?) Future [Takeover Recordings] forthcoming
Ed Devane – 2C-me [Takeover Recordings] forthcoming
Ed Devane – Stand Clear (personal space mix)
Anodyne – Haze (Ed Devane remix)


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