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Mantis Radio 064 + Ed Devane

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Dublin’s Ed Devane records for Mantis Radio a straight up trip of dub, industrial, ambient and hip-hop sounds, all from his studio and hands.

Brokenspud – Memories [Sostanze]
Erissoma – Er One [Escala]
Master Margherita – 4drums [bak$hish]
zzzzra – Le Dehors [Minimal And Melodies Music]
zzzzra – La Force Collective [Minimal And Melodies Music]
The Nautilus Project Vs. Jaymon – Mind Floating (Nautilus extract) [Insectorama]
The Weather Channel – Weather Channel 2 [theCentrifuge]
macka – Ironic Saturday [Abstrakt Label]
Dessben – Codigo Cero [Offaudio]
Dessben – Proyecto Langosta [Offaudio]
Dessben – Metodo 8 [Offaudio]
Dessben – Mass Madrid [Offaudio]
Dessben – El Especialista [Offaudio]
Drugstore – Black Widow [Audioexit]
Gary Beck – Fereneze [Soma]
Plan B – Prayin’ (Breakage remix) [unreleased]
Tom SPL – Scorpion Walking (Pablo Bosio remix) [Audioexit]
Dr. Schmidt – Salvation Machine [unreleased]
Ghosthack – 4-FMC [Twenty/Twelve Netaudio]
Drugstore – The Game [Atrum Artifex Recordings]
Chris Moss Acid – Trophy Theme [Complex Sound Sagacity]
King Cannibal – Downtime [Ninja Tune]
Sturqen – Kik1 [Kvitnu]
Electromeca – Space Programme [Acroplane]
W – épiphyte [Elpa]

Ed Devane – Arcane [Mantrap Records]
Ed Devane – Arcane (Anodyne remix V. 1)
Ed Devane – CED Jam #1 (CED=collaboration with Kachanski and Dubreak)
Ed Devane – Convolutions # 1 (made for the !kaboogie mash series)
Ed Devane – Predicament [Stasis Records]
Ed Devane – Fyed Jam excerpt (noise project with Fyodor)
Ed Devane – Depth Dub mash
Ed Devane – BYM version
Ed Devane – Brain Your Melt (Feat. Scurvy Lass) [Molten Membrane]
Life and Soul [Takeover Recordings]
+ Winter Party vocal (Niamh de Barra)
Ed Devane – Pseudo Occident mash
Ed Devane – Plinktronics [unreleased 2002]
Ed Devane – First Date (feat Scurvy Lass) [Molten Membrane]
JMT vs. Ed (myspace/johnmarytrilogy)
Ed Devane – Madrugando (feat Susana Peralta) / Frozen Backpackers techno version
Ed Devane – Doomtime (feat Scurvy Lass) [Molten Membrane]
Ed Devane – Playtime [!kaboogie] forthcoming
Ed Devane – CER jam vs. Ed #1 (edit of jam with Kachanski and Rory St. John)
Ed Devane – Future (space version) [Takeover Recordings]
Ed Devane – CER jam vs. Ed #2 (edit of jam with Kachanski and Rory St. John)
T-Polar – War Stories For Boys (Ed Devane remix) [Takeover Recordings]
Anodyne – Haze (Ed Devane remix) [Psychonavigation Records]

Apologies for the low microphone levels during the first half hour of the broadcast.


Ed Devane is a Dublin-based artist primarily working with sound. As a producer he is known for releases on a variety of electronic labels, while most recently he released his début album Molten Membrane (on Mantrap Recordings).

a daring trip through ambient, hip hop tempo melancholy, dub, industrial and into the fiercer chest-shaking attacks that have become his trademark.

His interest in sound design has in recent years led him to build his own instruments, including a homemade zither, which was used throughout the recording of Molten Membrane.

When not making music Ed also helps in the running of Second Square to None (events, label, blog, audiovisuals).

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