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DVNT – September 2008

In no particular order.

01. Dropout – Bukkake [Antiritmo]
Driving, chunky, epic, just all round damn fine music. Can see this being in my sets for a while. Antiritmo may be a net label but the quality is up there, and every release is getting my attention. Dropoutis a new name to me, but based on his 4 track EP with Antiritmo it’s a name I’ve got on my radar. And then there is the name of this track…

02. Shinra – 1986 [WIDE]
This ain’t messing around. Full on electro vibes. Bags of energy, drum machines and phat arse bass. The whole release is a winner and this title track just pimps itself to the front of the pack. I defy you to listen to this and not start jumping around in your seat.

03. Ion Driver – Elemental [Digital Distortions]
Dubbed out electro scatters of sound with a gated stuttered vox rising in the lower levels. Glitches, edits and scratches and even rewinds perpetuate around the deep wall of aural delight. Just awesome.

04. Tadox – Dancing Queen [Armatura Records]
Sounds like Hawtin’s Orange/Yellow track of the mid 90s. After having a course of anabolic steroids. Dark, heavy, and jacking with awesome percussion and drum programming.

05. Molez – Dimensions [Digital Distortions]
Woah. Serious sound sculpture coming out of this hybrid electro, glitch, dubstep, bass rich behemoth of a track. Molezis a new name to ]Dd[ but after this, I can see a very bright future ahead. This is a producer in full control of their sound.

06. The Inventors of Aircraft – Unknown Language [Serein]
Recently showcased on the Mantis Radio show, the Inventors of Aircraft really blew me away when they released their debut LP on one of my favourite ambient labels; Serein. Beautifully crafted lushful droney tones of aural pleasure. This is deep headspace music.

07. Teemu T – Process [Biomechanics]
Dub techno that just rolls, and then some.

08. Chase & Status – Eastern Jam [Ram Records]
If you don’t know this tune by name you’ll for sure have heard it. The huge hype behind this dubstep track, and of course the usual high standard of production from the Drum n Bass producers Chase & Status has helped to make this an anthem. Pure and simple. This is just screaming to be ramped up to 11 on the bassbins.

09. Grovskopa – Sun In You [Emergence Records]
Ambient waves of sound and vox sooth you into darkly tinged stripped down dubbed out techno.

10. Caper – Hybrid [Studio Rockers]
And so continues the damn fine releases on the Botchit & Scraper offshoot; Studio Rockers. Caper is I believe one half of the wobbletastic Jellybass crew and this is some next level dubstep/electronica. Bold bass and some really thoughtout development in the track makes this a must pack tune.

11. Esse – The Beach (Few Nolder Remix) [Knobs]
Solid deep techno. Driving and designed to get lost in. The breakdown is just an awesome thing in itself. The beats slowly build up, doubling up it sounds like, it seems to stutter and prepare itself for the drop which is rolls out of into the awaiting sea of jacking beats and warm bass.

12. Gyu – Mettle [Urban Scrumping]
Mantis Radio favourite, Ggu (one half of the production duo Mad-Tek) hits out with a new EP on Urban Scrumping. Breakstep, electrodubstep, electro breaks. Call it what you will. This is a sound that Gyu and Mad-Tek are fast owning and making all their own. Mettle is just, by the skinny latte hair on my chinny chin chin my fave track. But the whole EP is likely to get ravanged.

13. Speedy J – Planetary Departure (Speedy J Bootlegggg) [dub]
Fuck me. Seriously phat bass lead techno with it’s one clear aim of destroying darkfloors everywhere. You can take it as a given that this will be in most sets you hear from me in a long time. It builds and strips back before hitting back on the rich driving bass.

14. Ebola – Bruxism [Acroplane]
It’s name couldn’t sum up better what this track is. Heavy and it means business. Cleverly put together mean and evil sound.

15. Innasekt – Static [Frijsfo Beats]
Huge. I love this. Bass that smacks you in the face, and then drop kicks you across the room. Darkfloor vibes ebbing out of every crevis. Part of a long awaited 4 tracker release with Chas & Dave, Yapsta and Lewis Hunter taking the reins for the other tracks. This is sure to be a classic release with a range of styles coming under the ever growing expanse of the dubstep umbrella.

All of these can be heard in past and no doubt future Mantis Radio broadcasts, as well as when I DJ out and about. Speaking of which…

If you’d like to book DVNT for your clubnight / house party, or to provide a guestmix for your radio show / podcast, then you can do so as he is taking bookings.


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