DVNT – January 2016

New site, new year, as good a time as any to get back on the monthly chart action. Here are 10 working their magic on my ears for January.

Click the label link for samples and/or places to get the tracks.

DVNT – January 2016
Orphan Swords – Hooker (Icon Template remix) [Orphan Swords]
N.d. – Parallel Sites [Reaktivate]
Agressor Bunx – Rhodium [Eatbrain]
dgoHn – Untitled Pigdog [Love Love Records]
Physical Therapy – Tell Me [Liberation Technologies]
Thomas Ragsdale – Sunset [This Is It Forever]
Ancestral Voices – Medicina [Samurai Horo]
Drax – Low Machine [Perc Trax]
Colossloth – Your Flag Stands For Nothing [Cold Spring]
Consulate – Italian Grin [Portals Editions]


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