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Mantis Radio 168 – Shadow Story

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DVNT returns from Tokyo, packing a label showcase from Dronelock & Ontal’s joint label imprint Shadow Story. Before that, hear music from DEFCE, Om Unit, Matt TdK, Tomohiko Sagae, Merzbow, Arca and more.

kanabun – Overthrow [Iconoclast Recordings]
Anodyne Industries – Extinguisher [Frog Hop]
DEFCE – Sport [Ohm Resistance]
Om Unit – Touching Down [Metalheadz]
Arca – Thievery [Mute]
TCF – 02 46 4D 68 77 64 A0 43 B7 E9 A7 CB B4 BE 68 6B CB A0 5E 10 02 CC 96 EA 75 [Liberation Technologies]
Full of Hell + Merzbow – Humming Miter [Profound Lore Records]
Atom TM – Ground Loop 2 [The Bunker New York]
Shit & Cheap – Relax [Acroplane]
Dualit – Rant (DJ Ford Foster remix) [Fifth Wall]
Ulwhednar – Begravd under is [Northern Electronics]
Manni Dee – Sister Nobody (Mønic Version) [Osiris Music]
Matt TDK – untitled [unreleased]
Tomohiko Sagae & H Paul – Different Species [Subspecies]
Mak & Pasteman x Melladee – Mad City [Red Bull Music Academy]
Gunnar Haslam – In Argo Teurano [L.I.E.S.]
Tomohiko Sagae – Danger Signal [Rodz Konez]
Run The Jewels – Angel Duster [Mass Appeal]

Dronelock – French Noise Intro
Dronelock + Ontal – The End Of Eternity [Shadow Story]
Dronelock + Ontal – Hypothermia [Shadow Story]
Dronelock + Ontal – Templum [Shadow Story]
Dronelock – Clusters (Ontal remix) [Shadow Story]
Dronelock – Clusters [Shadow Story]
Dronelock – The Oath [Sphere Gear]
Dronelock + Ontal – Drop Forge Steel [Shadow Story]
Dronelock + Ontal – Parallax [Shadow Story]
Dronelock + Ontal – Parallax (Shadows remix)
Dronelock + Ontal – Superior Mirage [Shadow Story]
Dronelock – In Human Form [Sphere Gear]
Dronelock – Theia [Sphere Gear]
Dronelock – Soil (Lakker remix) [Shadow Story]
Dronelock – Morphia

Featured Guest

Ontal are no strangers to Mantis Radio or Darkfloor, as many of you already know, we released their début EP Output last year. Dronelock might not be on your radar just yet but they’ve been impressing us with their sound this year and they soon will be. Together the duo of duos have embarked on a new label venture – Shadow Story, and with it, a sub label Sphere Gear.

Our session tonight showcases and introduces the label, packed as it is with forthcoming and exclusive material due next year as well the inaugural 12 inch, Clusters, due next month.

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