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Darkfloor 40 – black_ops – Avant Garde Ambient

black_ops mixes are listen on sight. And this one, the 40th in our exclusive series of mixes, is no exception.

A chance discovery to an early mix 3 years ago has had us as devoted fans since. The selections are sublime, each and every time. In June the EP alamut surfaced, recorded by the dones * black_ops, with the album length ‘prayers‘ following in July. Both releases, a natural extension of the sound space black_ops is often found navigating with such aplomb.

Enjoy 98 minutes of beautiful Avant-Garde ambient headspace motion with which to immerse your mind in.

Darkfloor Sound · Darkfloor 40 – black_ops – Avant Garde Ambient

Jac Berrocal – Aristocrates
Eduard Artemiev – Zerkalo
Orville Stoeber/Walter Sear – Let’s Scare Jessica To Death
Astrid Monroe – She Is Really Me
Lost Trail – Sinister Deeds
Deathprod – Dead People’s things
Sal Solaris – Essay on the Reality of Science Studies
Stillupsteypa – It should Be
Stoeber/Sear – Jessica 2
Faust – An English Woman’s Dream
Zoviet France – Signal Gesture Threat
Lustmord – Destruction
Stoeber/Sear – Jessica
Arche – Entities
Swans – Just A Little Boy
Angus Maclise – Tunnel Music pt1
Anne James Chaton & Andy Moor – Frequencies
Schloss Tegal – Beyond the Wall Of Sleep
Srmeixner – Wild Spaces (Excerpt)
Stoeber/Sear – Jessica


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