Developer shares a pacey 3 turntable techno mix from ’99

Upped a few weeks back by Adrian Sandoval (aka LA’s Developer) comes this all vinyl, 3 deck mix of serious techno flexing recorded as a promotional gift at a gig of his way back in the last century.

Featuring tracks from Female, The Advent, Oliver Ho, Robert Hood, Planetary Assault Systems, Richard Polson, Regis, Claude Young, Surgeon, Jeff Mills and Developer himself.

This mix was made in back in 1999 w/ 3 turntables and a Vestax mixer. I made 300 copies to be passed out at a show in LA featuring Regis and Female (Downwards) first ever performance in LA.

I still collect and play vinyl records but most of the time while on tour in E.U. I choose to mainly play using a computer and software with a small controller because of portability and the manipulation options. I am sometimes asked if i have any mixes of myself using vinyl only. So aside from a few podcasts I made in the recent past I decided to go way back and find a mix I did when No One! was using computers and when CDJs were hardly used This was 1999!

Please understand that the bpm speeds are a bit faster vs the current pace things are currently at. Have a listen there are a lot of gems in this mix. I don’t have a track list besides I’m sure many of you can ID some of these . I did tag as many producers I can think of from this mix.


Side A and Side B – Cassette Tape / 42-45 tracks per side / 90 minutes running time.


Darkfloor Sound. A Label