the Darkfloor Daily – 04.10.2013

Mike Stern’s Manifest Podcast has come to the end of it’s planned run with the final, and 50th, episode dropping earlier today. It comes from the man himself and is 2 hours of finely crafted techno, electro and bass with his characteristic flourishes of IDM textures. Well worth a listen as are the other 49. You can hear my mix (#36) here. An archive solution for all 50 is being worked on – stay tuned.

Bristol crew – make sure you catch the Japanese godmother of electronica Coppe tonight at The Cube Cinema. She’ll be joining the Dutchman Kettel with his first live gig in some 5 years, and Bit-Phalanx’s Jilk.

Our own Darkfloor affiliate Ursa forms part of her live group – and he’ll also be DJing at the after party. Details / tickets.

Episode 6 of the rather good Hexcast has dropped. HEXCAST is a show aired over Brazil’s Enter The Shadows Radio, produced and hosted byLidia Zuin. If you’re a fan of witch house/ drag, occultism and strange gothno textures you need to check out this show. Shouts to Patrick G88 for the reminder.

Here’s a live set from the Raster Noton signed Aoki Takamasa recorded at Japan’s Mago club in Nagoya City. Published by the folks over Tea and Techno – who provide a nice little overview of Takamasa and his particular take on techno/house/beatwork.

Finally today I’ve been digging around in my many bookmarks and came across this wonderful piece, published back in 2006 by Sound on Sound, on The Future Sound of London’s seminal, timeless classic Papua New Guinea.

“I don’t think it’s the best piece of music I’ve ever written, but it just hit a mindset”

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