C Mantle’s mix of new, dark and cold wave

Deviating from our usual electronica focus, Acre Recordings co-founder (and general noisy Scottish git) C Mantle recently recorded a selection for the EOS mix collective.

EOS is a collection of Transmissions, where in a world of celebrity and hype, we aim to place music before the individual.

Typically the series (available on SoundCloud) doesn’t publish who records the mixes, and they haven’t in this case. Instead they just focus on great music from many a decent genre and vibe. It’s not just another endless techno “podcast” series available on the seemingly forever broken orange site that is SoundCloud. In the case of Mantle’s offering (not his first for the series I’m sure) he delves into something of a wave thing. Cold wave, dark wave and new wave.

Surfing the sounds (yes, fine, shoot me) of Siouxsie and the Banshees, Cocteau Twins, Regis’ Sandra Electronics, Die Krupps, Liaisons Dangereuses, Andy Stott, Fhloston Paradigm, Tropic of Cancer and of course, something from Joy Division. His mix can be downloaded or streamed (below).

C Mantle – New Wave & Dark Wave

Siouxsie and the Banshees – Subarban Relapse
Xmal Deutschland – Orient
Cocteau Twins – Hazel
Sandra Electronics – It Slipped Her Mind
Unovidual – Like I am, Come Je Suis
White Savage Dance – Here and Now
D.A.F. – Der Mussolini
Die Krupps – Wahre Arbeit Wahrer Lohn
Crash Course – Flying Turns
Fhloston Paradigm – Chasing Rainbows
Tara Cross – Tempus Fugit
White Savage Dance – I Understand
Liaisons Dangereuses – Los Ninos Del Parque
Sermonizer – ACID68-DICA86
Actuers – Pride of Classes
Tropic of Cancer – Dive
Andy Stott – Science and Industry
Acteurs – Ewe
Andy Stott – Violence
Joy Division – I Remember Nothing


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