Acre Recordings co-founder el_wraith drops a sweetly dark IDM mix for the label

Scottish label Acre Recordings add another string to their bow of Acrecast mixes with this, their 16th from label co-founder el-wraith.

It’s a mix filled with glitched illbient IDM sound shards into abstract instrumental hip-hop grinds. The chosen tracks a veritable feast of sonic pleasure with work from Oberman Knocks, Autechre, Pan Sonic, Scorn, Gescom, Matmos and Einoma amongst others.

The mix notably features a remix from the other co-founder of the label C Mantle. Mantle turns in a shred textured rework of Coaxial. Cut from the label’s latest offering: Blakbody’s Atmos.

el_wraith – Acrecast 16

Oberman Knocks – Tek-Fir Blades [Aperture]
N.M.B. Allstars – Gytolle [SKAM]
Autechre – Deco Loc [Warp]
Niamh De Barra – Songmap []
Pan Sonic – Uranokemia [Blast First]
Einoma – LF [Shipwrec]
Scorn – Out Of The Picture [Hymen Records]
Autechre – Recks On [Warp]
El Santo – Your War$, I Ain’t Buying Them [Rl66]
Phonem – Blone Kone [Morr Music]
Gescom – Key Nell 4 [SKAM]
Blakbody – Coaxial (C. Mantle remix) [Acre Recordings]
Le1f – Yup [Greedhead Entertainment]
2562 – Nocturnal Drummers [When In Doubt]
Matmos – The Banjo’s Categorical Gut [Matador]
Autechre – Fermium [Warp]
Oberman Knocks – Degont Type Runners (Plaid remix) [Aperture]
Freeform – M.A.I.S.H. [unreleased]
plus loops


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