Acre Recordings co-founder el_wraith drops a sweetly dark IDM mix for the label

by on May 16, 2013 in Mixes

Scottish label Acre Recordings add another string to their bow of Acrecast mixes with this, their 16th from label co-founder el-wraith.

It’s a mix filled with glitched illbient IDM sound shards into abstract instrumental hip-hop grinds. The chosen tracks a veritable feast of sonic pleasure with work from Oberman Knocks, Autechre, Pan Sonic, Scorn, Gescom, Matmos and Einoma amongst others.

The mix notably features a remix from the other co-founder of the label C Mantle. Mantle turns in a shred textured rework of Coaxial. Cut from the label’s latest offering: Blakbody’s Atmos.

el_wraith – Acrecast 16

Oberman Knocks – Tek-Fir Blades [Aperture]
N.M.B. Allstars – Gytolle [SKAM]
Autechre – Deco Loc [Warp]
Niamh De Barra – Songmap []
Pan Sonic – Uranokemia [Blast First]
Einoma – LF [Shipwrec]
Scorn – Out Of The Picture [Hymen Records]
Autechre – Recks On [Warp]
El Santo – Your War$, I Ain’t Buying Them [Rl66]
Phonem – Blone Kone [Morr Music]
Gescom – Key Nell 4 [SKAM]
Blakbody – Coaxial (C. Mantle remix) [Acre Recordings]
Le1f – Yup [Greedhead Entertainment]
2562 – Nocturnal Drummers [When In Doubt]
Matmos – The Banjo’s Categorical Gut [Matador]
Autechre – Fermium [Warp]
Oberman Knocks – Degont Type Runners (Plaid remix) [Aperture]
Freeform – M.A.I.S.H. [unreleased]
plus loops