Watoo’s proto future garage mix

This mix was recorded about two years ago and would seem on hindsight to be a proto-future garage mix, before even the term was coined. I like a lot of the future garage stuff I’ve heard, but the name leaves a lot to be desired. I think perhaps my idea of “garage” in general is pretty weak, so the connotations I draw with that genre term stem from that.

Growing up in Greater London meant that the whole rude bwoy/shite garage scene was huge when I was in my early teens. I grew up not that far from Staines/Slough so you can appreciate what my understanding of garage is. Still I’m fairly open minded and have heard some great garage tracks since (from the likes or Oris Jay, El-B, Zed Bias etc…). I think that most of what I have since grown to hate was the speed garage rubbish combined with Craig David and the ilk.

Anyways, enough of my past. To Watoo’s mix which in his own words:

Recorded about 2 years ago it’s probably the finest mix I’ve ever done and is blatantly reppin the Future Garage sound before the term had been coined (or at least before I heard it).

Watoo is the founding member of the Redub collective, a 5 man group.

Your average dance booking involves an individual: a disc jockey and his or her record box…er…obviously. Your average rock booking involves a band of like-minded interacting musicians and their influences…apparently. Two seemingly completely different approaches to the purveyance of musical pleasure. Welcome to the sound of ReDub: a band of DJs offering a cohesive group presentation of cutting edge dance music that’s already making waves on internet radio, and with a collective wealth of experience of rocking conventional clubs and free parties.

Watoo – proto-Future Garage mix

Coleco – Campfire Funk
Jus Wan – Action Potential
Martyn – Suburbia
Shamanji ft. Maggie Horn – Break Your Heart
Luke Envoy – So
Sully – Phonebox
Pimp and Soul Sessions – Sahara (Zed Bias remix)
ID – Akusative
Unknown – Human Resources
XI – Strategy
Breakage – Untitled
RSD – Pretty Bright Lights
Roni Size ft. Represent – New Forms
Silkie and Harry Craze – French Knickers
Landslide – Dreams and Visions
Skream – For the Heads Who Remember
Zed Bias ft. Simba and Juiceman – Jigga Up (Ring the Alarm)


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