Vector Commander

On Mantis Radio it’s Vector Commander

Way back in March 2009 the 33rd Mantis Radio was broadcast. It’s showcase guest was Vector Commander. Fast forward to today, May 3rd 2011 and I’ve great pleasure in welcoming back to Mantis Radio, Alex Strunz and his Vector Commander alias where once again he’ll be unleashing an hour of his own production work and quite personal take on techno.

Mantis Radio 83 – VECTOR COMMANDER
Broadcasting from 20:00 GMT on Future Music

Featured Guest

Vector Commander is the main project of techno producer and DJ Alex Strunz. He aims to construct techno music without borders but with influence from many other styles. He’s the man behind Extreme Forces, the Brazilian techno label and has been hosting Vector Radio, broadcast on the Canadian based Techno FM for 3 years now. He describes his particular style of techno thus:

My Live PA follows an analogical line inside techno music. Merging Electro, Industrial, and EBM without following rules and formulas, making live interventions the hot spot of my performances.

In my performances, I always use valved electronic drums, effects units and vocoders for live voice recording, sampling and distortion. Using the analogical machinery power along with modern controllers, is the key to show that creativity between software and hardware has no limits


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