Step ‘Into the Rabbithole’ with ValkyR

The second mix for label The Flooded Labyrinth was published yesterday and it’s a wonderful trip into textured leafs of IDM, dark ambient and experimental electronica – very much continuing the style of sound the digital imprint has freely released for the past two years. The mix compiled by young French producer Marius Kovacs AKA ValkyR.

Featuring many favorites including Ben Frost, Ben Lukas Boysen (and his better known alias HecQ), Nonima, Steel Hook Prostheses, Dadub – and well, just a plethora of layers – which is very much how the 58 tracks play out over the 50 minutes. Yet despite such a big list of tracks the resultant mix doesn’t feel cluttered or full. Time to investigate.

Shouts to The Black Box for yet another great highlight post on his blog.

False Mirror – Magnetic North (Malignant Edit)
Propergol – Hikikomori (Me & Mrs Seclusion)
Kreng – Monkey (part 1)
Kreng – Mythobarbital (part 2)
Samsø – 6db9
Goatvargr – Beyond The Quorthonian Realms
Goatvargr – Droning Hades
Noiseam Crane – XIII Symbol On The Parchment
Mass Hypnotized – Miroir Cconcave
Hecq – Red Sky
Nonima – Cyber Tree (Nonimx Of Pollux)
Kreng – Mythobarbital (part 1)
Ars Sonor – Invisible Sun II
Ben Frost & Daníel Bjarnason – We Don’t Need Other Worlds, We Need Mirrors
I.V.Lab – One Eyed Man
Dark Corners – The Axis
Kreng – Monkey (part 2)
ValkyR & Cardassian – Blanche Métamorphosée
Hoarfrost & Inner Vision Laboratory – Behind The Walls
Tor Lundvall – Under Show Conditions
Abandoned Asylum – Outside The Veil Of Life
Ben Frost & Daníel Bjarnason – Simulacra I
Hoarfrost & Inner Vision Laboratory – Mind Infinite
Samishii – Dust
Steel Hook Prostheses & The Scapegoat Mechanism – Eschatologie
Collapsar – Oort
Dadub – Perseverance
Troum & Yen Pox – Mnemonic Induction V
Kristian Olsson – Ligranorex
Kristoffer Nyströms Orkester – Crystal Vessel
Kaboom Karavan – Not Gone Is Seen
Ben Frost & Daníel Bjarnason – Saccades
Phaenon – Uncertain Affinity
ValkyR – Stasis
Aseptic Void & Uzbazur 345 – III
Ajna – Anatomy Of A Nightmare IV
Mass Hyptnotized – Diffraction Du Mirroir
Reliquiae – Approaching The Coven
Reliquiae – Rusty Red Memory
21Gramms – Never Let Me Go
Hoarfrost & Inner Vision Laboratory – A Secret Sign
Koda – Alice
Kreng – Tourniquet (part 1)
Ben Frost & Daníel Bjarnason – Cruel Miracles
Ben Lukas Boysen – Hopper
Ben Frost & Daníel Bjarnason – Hydrogen Sulfide
Ars Sonor – Hold My Hand (Ambient Edition)
Koda – Shattered
ValkyR & Cardassian – Pellicule
Ben Lukas Boysen – Grave
Locrian – Obsidian Facades
Rasalhague & Terra Sancta – Celestial Extinction
Aseptic Void & Uzbazur 345 – VII
Elegi – Fyrtårnet (part 3)
Ben Frost & Daníel Bjarnason – You Mean More To Me than Any Scientific Truth
Aseptic Void & Uzbazur 345 – VIII
Ben Lukas Boysen – Bag
Deru – Transmutation (part 2)


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