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Mike Darkfloor – May 2020

How goes? Here are my picks for May.

It’s an electro heavy selection this time around. First up, a cut from Bass Agenda and their massive fundraiser CAREBOT$ – raising money for the NHS and Médecins Sans Frontières. I’ve long been a fan of the wee djs and Slo is a classic style track from the Scot, packed amongst a veritable who’s who of electro with the mammoth comp offering over 140 tracks. Next up is some great industrial murkno from the noise ridden band Primitive Knot and the album BRUTALISM, out on Deathbed Tapes.

An old track from 2011 is next and is by my two favourite Portuguese noise experimentalists – Sturqen. Suner is more akin to an EBM roller than their usual speaker testing abstractions but you definitely get a feel for their more sonic abuse leanings. It’s a track that will thunder through a mix this. Find it on their 2011 album Praga for always reliable Kvintu.

Released back in April on French label skryptöm, Amnesia is just a great techno track – full bodied and mature. It’s part of an EP called Flos and comes with remixes by Gareth Wild and Joe Farr. Keeping it techno another fresh offering for you is Kano by T_Y available on the first compilation in a series for the ever on it Spanish label Subsist. Razors meet thud to great effect building into a vocal loop that’s a lot of fun to play with in the mix. The whole compilation is great and marks 100 releases for the relentless imprint.

One from the deeper depths of my music collection this next one. False Prophet is a track by Multiple Mono that underappreciated London label Ricochet Records put out a few years back in 2013. The work of two American producers Colin Kasprowicz and Rob Paterson. The not quite electro cut’s percussion is all held together by a phat bass lead.

UK electro label Cultivated Electronics recently put out a compilation of previously unreleased 90s cuts from The Advent from the early period when it was still a duo between Cisco Ferreira (who continues the project solo) and UK house legend Mr G. As such it has all that raw machine energy that was so prevalent in the scene(s) back then. L.U. is hi-tek electro machine funk that you can’t help but groove to. The compilation is called Life Cycles.

Canadian Huck Farper can make some of the most noise ridden techno I’ve heard, and I love him for it, but I also appreciate a damn good stomper. And Steps self released on an EP called Don’t Fret is exactly that. Hard, sure. Hypnotic, yes. A slammer. A lot of hard kick drum techno is shit. Lazy, hard for hard sake shit. This is not. This is wicked.

Yet another electro selection in my next pick – Forbidden Worlds by Russian producer RNBWS released on Jelly Bean Farm. It’s a classic electro beat with a full throb bassline, and that’s hard not to love. The rest of the EP ain’t too shabby either.

And my final pick for May comes in the form of a slow sludge techno offering from Opal Tapes and Rerekat. The track is Our Bones Are Dried Up and is the EP’s title track. It’s might be slow at 110bpm but it is some damn murky groove. More like this please!

Mike Darkfloor – May 2020

the wee djs – Slo [Bass Agenda]
Primitive Knot – Zeit Und Geist [Deathbed Tapes]
Sturqen – Suner [Kvitnu]
ALYS – Amnesia [skryptöm]
T_Y – Kano [Subsist]
Multiple Mono – False Prophet [Ricochet Records]
The Advent – L. U. [Cultivated Electronics]
Huck Farper – Steps [Huck Farper]
RNBWS – Forbidden Words [Jelly Bean Farm]
Rerekat – Our Bones Are Dried Up [Opal Tapes]


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