Paul Blackford – Basstronic Warfare Vol 2

Paul Blackford, one of the UKs foremost UK electro / electrobass producers has just released the 2nd volume of his Basstronic Warfare series (grab volume 1 here).

It jacks through from the off with pace, bass and 808s. He’s selected some great producers and tracks for this; including work from Galaxian, Espion, EDMX, Headnoaks, Scrase and Voice Stealer nestling in there, ready to pounce out and slam you down.

Recently Paul’s label Militant Science has shifted it’s business model into being a netlabel, and consequently has started giving away some of the back catalogue. Highly recommended and damn essential.

Paul Blackford – Basstronic Warfare Vol 2

Headnoaks – X-Ray Crystallography
Paul Blackford – Dunk Low
Oort Cloud – Dark Party
Galaxian – Autorun
EDMX – Program A
Hyper-On Experience – Lords of the Null Lines (Foul Play remix)
Klart – Bootybill
Scrase – Stakker
Espion – Architektur (Shinra remix)
Paul Blackford – Jungle Combat
EDMX – Check This Out
Spectrums Data Forces – Telemaco (Systemic remix)
Screwtec – Invasion2
Soundex Phonetic – E is for Echo
Voice Stealer – Mobius
Zen Robots – Lost
4 Hero – In the Shadows
Carl A Finlow – Anomaly


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