Hanal – AnotherFresh

Here’s AnotherFresh by Hanal, the work of a crazed electronica loving DJ and occasional producer.

Criminally short at just 25minutes but it comes with a hip-hop-electro-beat-esque lofi selection taking in Tears for Fears, Luke Vibert remixing LFO, Ruby My Dear, Dynamic Duo, Gescom, Mr 76ix, Joyce Sims, MC Chill, Men Without Hats, Fritz Von Runte and DJR21.

Hanal – AnotherFresh

Fritz Von Runte – Changed
Tears For Fears – Shout (US Dub)
LFO – LFO (Luke Vibert remix)
Dynamic Duo – Knights of the Turntables
Ruby My Dear – Mashed Rope
Gescom – Mag (Ae remix)
M.C. Chill – M.C. Story
Men Without Hats – The Safety Dance
Mr 76ix – Ol4
Joyce Sims – You Are My All In All
Unknown – Lick Shot
DJR21 – Illumination


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