Mantis Radio 014 + Teutonic Kaboom

by on March 29, 2008 in Broadcasts


We’ve some electro wonk business this week on Mantis Radio with a session from our first female producer and DJ – Teutonic Kaboom.

Toasty – The Knowledge (Vex’d remix) [Hotflush]
Con_Cetta – Sad.Ay [Zymogen] [zym019]
Moving Ninja – Murky [Tectonic]
2562 – Circulate [Tectonic]
Benga & Coki – Night (Mr Wyse remix) [unreleased]
Charlton – Irronisch (Deadman DJ remix) [Digital Distortions]
Charlton – Irronisch (Ion Driver 26Fe Mix) [Digital Distortions]
Tipper – Unlock The Geometry [Tippermusic]
Robert Logan – Grinder [Slowfoot]
Thom Yorke – The Clock (Surgeon remix) [XL]
Robert Logan – Sanza Live [Slowfoot]
DST – Csillag (Mad-Tek remix) [Subgrade Records]
Silicon Scally – Proteus (Weemix) [SCSI-AV]
Agent2 – Moscow [Subgrade Records]
Agent2 – Snow Dolls [Subgrade Records]
Sculpturism – Event Horizon [ARMS]
Discreet – Distanz [EnoughRecords]
Thom Yorke – Harrowdown Hill (The Bug remix) [XL]
Troubleshooter – Subversive Chasm V2 [Modern Love]
Troubleshooter – Spacemission One [Modern Love]
Jnr Hacksaw – All Your Bass Belong to Us [Subatomik]
2562 – Channel Two [Tectonic]

Mazzula – Bass Bias [Data Trace]
Ardisson – Stop That [Data-Trace]
Thom Yorke – Analyse (Various mix) [XL]
Teutonic Kaboom – Der Schpass [Data-Trace]
FullSpectrum – Apple Eater [Digital Distortions]
FullSpectrum – My Amusement (Smashback remix) [Bass Gun]
Smashback – Forward Slash (Teutonic Kaboom remix) [Data-Trace]
DST – Tribute [Digital Distortions]
Smashback – Ublerbruch (Ardisson remix)
Teutonic Kaboom – Terminal [Data-Trace]
Teutonic Kaboom – Peroxide Itch (Lief Ryan remix) [Data-Trace]
Smashback – Push Me Harder (Ardisson remix)
Trode – Keep Going [WIDE]

wee djs – 104 [Digital Distortions]
The Unit – Return [SCSI-AV]
Troubleshooter – Rotating Mass [Modern Love]


It’s some electro wonk business this week, with a session from our first female producer and DJ, Teutonic Kaboom. Charlotte discovered the local free party scene in her hometown of Shrewsberry at the age of 16. From that she picked up a copy of Dave Clarke’s World Service. It was then she realised what she was looking for musically:

All the harsh repetitive noise of industrial, but without the horrid vocals!

Not content with just DJing and producing, Teutonic Kaboom runs one of Manchester’s best electro/breaks nights, Electrode. Alongside her 5 cohorts, they throw up monthly parties to:

keep asses shaking all night long to a collection of breaks, electro, ghettotech, techno and wonk being playing by the freshest talent in the field. It’s all about the party.

With a recent release on new label Data Trace, and more on the way, check out her superb showcase mix on this, our 14th show.

Prior to that, you have DVNT losing the power of speech and dishing up some tasty electronic treats. Including forthcoming Agent2 on Subgrade; new Digital Distortions from Charlton with remixes from Ion Driver and Deadman DJ; the immense Robert Logan; classic Jnr Hacksaw; deep detroit vibe’d dubstep from 2562; and the fucking awesome Troubleshooter, with 3 tracks from the recent EP release.

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