Tsalal by ARIADNE is beautiful.

New York duo Christine Lanx and Benjamin Forest are ARIADNE. They’re a pair worth keeping a keen ear on.

Self describing their work as sacred music, the pair have stated they focus on interspersing the ritualism of ancient spirituality and the secular iconography of the post-modern. They operate in both audio and visual disciplines (see the trailer above), and the results are impressive. They popped onto our radar earlier this year with the 3 track Ex Tempore, a captivating and pretty work, at times surreal and challenging.

Released through US label Auris Apothecary, Tsalal is their latest work. Its title is Hebrew – it means ‘to grow or become dark’. A description that encapsulates the 6 tracks well. The release also marks the duos first physical release. In keeping with their post-modern iconography intentions, it was released on microSD.

Their melding and experimentation between the ancient and the post-modern is clearly and boldly apparent. The choral chants ebb and flow. Lanx’s voice soars and shines. The textures of eroding glitch flutter and grind. Tsalal is achingly beautiful, with an undercurrent of distorted serenity.


Darkfloor Sound. A Label