Face Down – The Opiate of the Masses

A mix describing itself as ritual industrial is always going to grab my attention. Yours too I’ll wager.

When it’s populated with the likes of KTL, SPK, Coil, Senking, Ancient Methods, Boyd Rice, Ike Yard, Skinny Puppy, and Cloaks together with artists I’ve never heard before then it slips, casual as you like, to the very top of my to listen pile. The Opiate of the Masses is, simply, a sumptuous deeply atmospheric listen.

It’s unclear just who Face Down is; what I can extrapolate from their SoundCloud page (together with several hours of mixes) is that they are based in Belgium and their shared ‘about’ information reads more like a manifesto:

Face Down is not a VJ nor a DJ. It’s the manifest of a certain aesthetic.

Face Down has been made to soak up your flesh and your brain into the sound of the purest, hardest, heaviest sounds and imagery.

Alienating experiences and mind destructive performances, the aim is to lead you to an alternate and subversive state.

Fighting protocols in order to disturb reality.

In short, this is essential listening.

Face Down – The Opiate of the Masses
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