Electro is alive and well agrees Richard Brophy and Juno Plus

Earlier this week a rather excellent article was published on Juno Plus, penned by Richard Brophy. Highlighting the ever enduring appeal of proper Electro.

Whilst many might have thought electro was long dead, nailed into its coffin proper with the rise of that ick electro house shite some years back, some of us knew better. At Darkfloor we’ve been pushing, playing and pimping electro since before we began. And within the article, Brophy talks to Ireland’s DeFeKt and Scape One, both of whom we’ve had the deepest of pleasures in having on our Mantis Radio show.

the release of Clear was not an isolated incident: in the immediate term, it lead to a surge in Detroit electro acts like Aux 88, Underground Resistance – responsible for two of this writer’s favourite electro tracks, “Electronic Warfare” and “Final Frontier” – the mighty Drexciya (later Dopplerffekt and a whole host of other aliases and pseudonyms), Adult, Ectomorph and later the faster, more raucous ghetto-tech/booty variant as practised by DJ Assault and DJ Godfather.

Brophy talks to Dave Clarke, arguably one of the key figures in getting the electro sound out to a large audience through his White Noise show together with VC-118, Clatterbox, The Exaltics, DJ Glow and others. Put the kettle on and relish Bass Invaders: The Next Wave of Electro.

Electro ain’t dead. Never has been. It’s just a true sound of the underground.


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