Darkfloor in Session 041 + Savier



Half of Darkfloor’s Savagen duo, Scottish ruffian and general noisy git Savier turns in a grim selection of his work for our In Session series.

Savier – Black Isle [unreleased]
Savier – Split Beef Sandwich [Bloody Funny Clown]
Savier – Corrupt Regions Padded With Silence [unreleased]
Savier – Unfriendly Hippy Dogs [Bloody Funny Clown]
Savier – Guts Rage [Bloody Funny Clown]
Savagen – He Gets Fed At Home [unreleased]
Savagen – Practically Educated [Darkfloor Sound]
Savier – B’elles End [Bandcamp]
Savier – Talk Over Man V2…[Noise Joy]
Raw Village Hall – Thrush Strokes [Acre Recordings]
Raw Village Hall – You Greedy Fat Bastard [unreleased]
Savier – Shpazhmoloid [Bandcamp]