Casual Violence back catalog now on Bandcamp

Here at Darkfloor HQ we’re quite the fans of the digital music services Bandcamp provide to musicians. In a similar way to Soundcloud the producer can upload their tracks for streaming to their fans; the point here is that Bandcamp allows for a direct purchase (or free/donation download) of the music should the artist and or label set it up that way, rather than the typical redirection to a download store (where the shop naturally takes their cut), quite empowering for the independents I’m sure you’ll agree.

I’m sure others have written far more about the merits of this service, suffice to say I for one try to seek out a Bandcamp profile for whatever artist or label I’m exploring at the time.

Casual Violence is one such artist presently in the midst of upping his superb back catalogue. Here’s his previously unreleased remix of Abuis by Hoog.


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