Mantis Radio 250 + Syn


We’ve Syn in session with a producer showcase of her chunky bass rollers. Bookending that, lots of new + old with cuts from Clock DVA, David Meiser, Prolix, Kyota, Slackk, Fret, Boy Harsher, Furfriend, and a beauty from Hybrid.

Luke Slater – Score One [NovaMute]
Clock DVA – The Hacker [Tresor]
John Cohen – The Deep [Exotic Pylon Records]
Neon Electronics – Over and Over feat. Radical G [M-tronic]
Kyota – Rollin’ & Tumblin’ [Raster-Noton]
Petrichor – Royston Rain [Soma Records]
Dorisburg – Kassiopeia [Hivern Discs]
Furfriend – GECK (Voidloss’ To The Elbow mix) [unreleased]
Unhuman – Eobshin [Voitax]
Slackk – Swan Filters [R&S Records]
Calculated Chaos – Beat Killa
Ore – Nolita [Civil Music]
David Meiser – Daesin [Dark Vortex]
Fret – No Rain [karlrecords]
Kingthing – Gamechanger [Rag & Bone]
RadioNasty – Clave To The Rhythm (Transparent Sound remix) [Electrix]
Boy Harsher – Westerners [Ascetic House]
Hybrid – Snyper (High Velocity Edit) [Distinct’ive Breaks]

Syn – untitled
Doubt – Stretch
Tension – Coastal Call
Syn x TenTwentySeven – Dysphoria
Doubt – Move
Syn x Tension – Things Change
Tension – Grove
Syn x Doubt – Hollow
Syn x Tension – Demon
Syn – Black Lodge
Syn – Exile
Syn – Terra Drums
Tension – Br

S.S.M.P. – The Blue Chasm [Cold Spring Records]
Cause 4 Concern & Fierce – Carrier [Quarantine]
SPL & Limewax – Burgerpills [Lost Soul Recordings]
Acid Lab – Infusion [Black Hoe Recordings]
Prolix – Throwdown [Bad Taste Recordings]


In the session selection hotseat this week, following in the footsteps of recent guest DROKKR, another producer from County Cork, Ireland – Syn.

Syn steps up with a 37 minute producer slammer of a session. Part of PROCSS – an Irish techno & bass collective – Syn is a young talent, and name to watch. Dynamite in the studio, and not too shabby a DJ either. She holds down Wasteland, her monthly slot on futuremusic FM – each and every time digging out tracks you need to go find. I briefly met her two years back when PROCSS invited me to play their event. She provided an impressive heavyweight grime selection warmup, that together with P-Hocto, was a tough act to follow.

On October 25th her self-titled EP will drop on Flood – the label she co-runs with fellow Cork bass producer Tension.

Syn deconstructs the dystopian drum pallet of her track ‘Exile’ from ;Flood Volume 1′, and contrasts it with bright and hopeful melodic structures. The result is a balanced mix of emotive yet functional club material.

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