Komabase, Tanz Organelle & Romplex – First Path on Zoda

D: Numbers Broadcast host Laica shares his thoughts on a new release from two new artists (alongside Komabase) on new German digital imprint; Zoda.

Just recently I was having a chat via Twitter about music. During the course of this conversation I said that I thought the most interesting new music was coming out via the smaller labels and netlabels, and that new labels were appearing all the time; Acre Recordings, Stasis Records, Acroplane and Section 27 all got a mention. I can now add Zoda Records to the list.

Zoda Records are just about to release into the world their first EP, the aptly titled First Path, spilt between label boss Komabase and the tag team of Tanz Organelle & Romplex.

The EP opens with a double header from Komabase, the 1st of his two tracks Zodbox heads straight into Jeff Mills territory; plenty of space, simple 4/4 rhythms, and dreamlike synths. A real old school gem.

No time to waste, the second of his 2 tracks is quite simply stunning. Again simplicity is the key, but this is real heady stuff, 3am music at its best.

Second up are Tanz Organelle & Romplex with a triptych of new techno/electro flavours. Cereal Killer opens proceedings and immediately you feel the need to move. Ghostly chords give way to orchestral sounding snatches of sound and very tight programming; this is the sound of 2 people really trying to explore without histrionics, just a feel for pure 4/4 techno and they do not miss a beat.
The last two tracks on the EP are two versions of Swine Babble (Parts 1 & 2). They turn up the funk for these last two with Swine Babble Part 2 bringing a little electro to the table and that element we all love, bass!

I honestly cant wait to see what the future holds for Zoda Records as this first EP has set the bar high.



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