The Panacea’s ‘Our History Repeated Mix’

The Panacea has upped an influences/formation mix taking things all the way back to ’91.

His Our History Repeated Mix is rammed full of fantastic sounds of the period – packing in tracks from T99, X-101, Aphex Twin, The Prodigy, Qbass, Bizarre Inc, Blake Baxter, Front 242, Cybersonik, amongst others.

In 1991, after a brief encounter with Front 242 and other electronic body music bands, I first heard James Brown is Dead by L.A. Style, which at that time was on its way to a top ten position in the german pop charts. Techno, which started out as a small, independent and avant-garde scene incorporating music, fashion and a party lifestyle in Berlin and Frankfurt was on the way to become the first worldwide popcultural phenomenon that primarily originated in Germany. I was hooked!

There was no doubt in my mind that one day i was going to perform in front of thousands of people playing that very music.

It took me until 1996 to get a record contract and build up a name for myself, another 10 years to perform to crowds of 25 000 people but my love for electronic music has never wavered.

Today when i attend Berghain on a Sunday eve, a kickdrum and sub bass still send shivers down my spine, the scene and music might have changed but I will always stay a raver and techno is my life!

Marusha – Ravechannel [Low Spirit Recordings]
Sperminator – No Women Allowed [Rotterdam Records]
Rhythm Section – Dreamworld [Rhythm Section Recordings]
T99 – Catwalk [Who’s That Beat?]
Interactive – Who Is Elvis [Dance Street]
X-101 – Sonic Destroyer [Tresor]
Code Red – Dreamer Dream [City Beat]
Qbass – Hardcore Will Never Die [Suburban Base Records] (TEASE)
Mr. E Pressure, Stakker & Spindizzy – Cloud 109 [Uridium Records]
Sound Corp. – Dream Finder (Homicidal Dream) [Invisible UK]
Blake Baxter – Ghost [Tresor]
Cybersonik – Thrash [Plus 8 Records Ltd.]
L.A. Style – James Brown Is Dead [Decadance Records]
Speedy J – Pullover [Music Man Records]
Aphex Twin – Isoprophlex [R&S Records]
Test – Overdub [USA Import Music]
Tellurians – The Navigator [See Saw]
Meng Syndicate – Sonar System (Speedy J Mix) [Music Man Records]
Ramirez – La Musika Tremenda [DFC]
Frequency – Kiss The Sky [Lower East Side Records]
Egyptian Empire – The Horn Track [Fokus Recordings]
The Prodigy – Your Love [XL Recording]
Force Mass Motion – Jack Of Diamonds [Rabbit City Records]
M.N.O. – God Of Abraham [Trance Mission]
Acid Junkies – Sector 9 [Djax-Up-Beats]
Second Phase – Mentasm [R&S Records]
Qbass – Hardcore Will Never Die [Suburban Base Records]
Bizarre Inc – Plutonic [Vinyl Solution]
Force Mass Motion – VNE [Rabbit City Records]
Rotterdam Termination Source – Poing [Rotterdam Records]
Final Exposure – Vortex [Plus 8 Records Ltd.]
Aphex Twin – On [Warp Records]
Ravesignal III – Horsepower [R&S Records]
The Prodigy – Rip Up The Soundsystem [XL Recordings]
Altern 8 – Frequency [Network Records]
T99 – Anastasia [Who’s That Beat]
Mescalinum United – We Have Arrived [Planet Core Productions]
Universal Indicator – Red A1 [Rephlex]
Euromasters – Alles Naar De Kl—te [Rotterdam Records]
AFX – Fantasia [Rephlex]
3 Phase Feat. Dr. Motte – Der Klang Der Familie [Tresor]
Sysex – World Domination [Plus 8 Records Ltd.]
Nasty Django – Fuck Beats [Pretty Asshole]
Force Mass Motion – Force Mass Motion EP B1 [Rabbit City Records]
Front 242 – Religion (The Prodigy remix) [Red Rhino Europe]
Dream Frequency Feat. Debbie Sharp – Take Me (The Prodigy remix) [City Beat]


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