Raime – You Can’t Hide Your Headcrack

I’ve been quite taken with the sound of Raime as well as the label they are signed to; Blackest Ever Black. Anyone who saw them support Demdike Stare a few months ago in London will know just how awesome their work sounds. Although this mix is over a year old I’ve only today noticed it.

You Can’t Hide Your Headcrack was compiled back in July last year and released as a 50 edition and thus quite limited CDr. The folk behind the label have been kind enough to share the mix with those of us unable to procure the CD. Despite being constructed with music produced and released from some 3 decades back, and the youngest track coming from ’88 this is a superb selection of sound that is effectively timeless in my opinion. Industrial, experimental, dark-wave, avant-garde; whatever you want to classify these artists as there’s no denying this is something rather special.

Also worth mentioning is that the folk over at RA made Blackest Ever Black their label of the month for September 2011 and in doing so interviewed label head Kiran Sande as well as a providing 40 minute label mix.

Raime – You Can’t Hide Your Headcrack
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Konstruktivits – Shadows Of White Sand [Third Mind, 1984]
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