Onward To The End by Dekode

The man like Dekode comes up trumps with another razor sharp Darkfloor approved selection on his new mix.

Onward To The End starts with the brutal bassweight of King Cannibal and continues to lay siege with an hour of sound focused in the realm of electro breaks. With Si Begg, Scanone, Bass Kittens, Tipper, Spac Hand Luke, Blackmass Plastics, Milanese and Jean-Paul Bondy all getting a look, it’s little wonder that Dekode is one of my favourite DJs at the moment.

Great tracks, great flow. Just what we like.

Dekode – Onward To The End

King Cannibal – So Embrace The Minimum
Limbertimbre – One Big Bit (Si Begg remix)
Scanone – Ginger Monkey
Jean Jacques Perrey and Luke Vibert – Moog Acid
Kritical Audio – Krupp
Si Begg – Non Stop Cut Paste
Spac Hand Luke – Sidthug
Si Begg – Pete Fucking Tong
Spac Hand Luke – Synkik
Tipper – RE: Am I
Bass Kittens and Single Cell Orchestra – Easy Money
Limbertimbre – Funny
Blackmass Plastics – Static Charge
Milanese – Milanese (Peggy Flynn remix)
Bass Kittens and Volum – Big Band Broadband
Si Begg – Revelation 2
Jean-Paul Bondy – Something Is Not Right


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