Melodic Distraction - July 2023 - Darkfloor Sound

Melodic Distraction – July 2023

Listen back to the July edition of our Melodic Distraction radio residency.

This month in amongst all the usual high grade tracks, I chat to Irish producer and DJ thatboytim. Label boss of Takeover Recordings, Tim Smyth has been a friend of Mantis Radio since the early days, and very quickly a close friend when he moved to London in the late 2000s. These days he and his family are back in Ireland, but we chat often and I’ve been playing with the idea of short chats on my radio shows. So, consider our chat today a work in progress.

Also on the show, music from Mandy Indiana (seriously one of the best albums of the year), Katatonic Silentio, Cormac, DJ Slip, E-Dancer, Temudo, Karenn, Ten Years Lost, Orlando Voorn, and Godflesh. Before taking an unexpected swerve into a minimal drum & bass flex in hour two.

Mandy, Indiana – (?>?<)? :??:*:??’?,??:*:???’? (Crystal Aura Redux) [Fire Talk]
nthng – Unlimited () [Transatlantic]
Katatonic Silentio – Le Réveil Du Combattant [Ilian Tape]
Alexey Volkov – Never [Jealous God]
Cormac – Leather ‘N Lasers [Polari Records]
Gimenö – It’s my break (Reeko remix) [TUTU Records]
Apart – On Earth [Trau-ma]
Stave & Grebenstein – Alfa [Standards & Practices]
DJ Slip – Great Masters [Kanzleramt]
E-Dancer – Behold (DJ Bone remix) [Drumcode]
Temudo – 7ov3 (Melodic Version) [Carpet & Snares Records]
Karenn – From Hunk To Husk [Voam]
Aphrohead – Ride It Out [MB Elektronics]

Darkfloor talks to thatboytim

Ten Years Lost – Daftys (Bustaz) [International Chrome]
Ten Years Lost – Asert Teeth [International Chrome]
Orlando Voorn – Shockwave [TRUST]
Godflesh – Permission [Avalanche Recordings]
Black Magnet – Incubate (Justin K. Broadrick remix) [20 Buck Spin]

These Hidden Hands feat. Zanias – Change of Tide [Hidden Hundred]
Machinecode – Moksha [YUKU]
Reeko – Confront the Serpent [Samurai Music]
Signal – Dawn [unreleased]
Kasra – Phases [Critical Recordings]
Halogenix – Tender Chain [Horizons Music]
Falling Skies – Tremor [Samurai Music]
Roho – Dark Forest [Samurai Music]
Gremlinz & Jesta – Untitled (Responsable) [Rupture LDN]
The Faraday – Bavovna [Onset Audio]
Kimyan Law – Uaminifu [PlusPlusPlus Music]
Reeko – Smile at Reptile [Samurai Music]
Harm’s Way – Call My Name [Metal Blade Records]
Anti-God Hand – Beam [self released]

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