Mantis Radio 264 + Savier


Scottish sludge producer Savier provides our session this week. We got tracks from ex Vex’d Kuedo, early Autechre, Kamikaze Space Programme’s bass heavy tech, Irish pounding from Tinfoil, Posthuman’s latest acid cut, French techno, British synth wonderment, more Vogel, rolling Untold, and some 170-185 intensity.

Kuedo – Under The Surface [Planet Mu]
mNIPK – HUNTER [Alrealon Musique]
Low Jack – Raid Leader [Editions Gravats]
Autechre – Crystel [Warp Records]
Blush Response – Aum Shinrikyo [Sonic Groove]
Untold – Glare [50Weapons]
Ténèbre – Fonction N°7 [Ténèbre Audio]
Kamikaze Space Programme – RBMK 2 [Mord]
Cristian Vogel – How Many Grapes Went Into That Wine [Shitkatapult]
nwyvre – Icovellavna 1 [self-released]
Clark – Butterfly Prowler [Warp Records]
Alavux & Saint Cole – Syncopated Life [Super Computer A/V]
Posthuman – Netflix and Kill [Shipwrec]
Tinfoil – The Wolves of Hellfire [Tinfoil]
Szare – Translocated [Different Circles]

Accurst – Fragments of a Nightmare 9
Luke Lund – Kops
Ryuu Kogan – 250617
Greg Davis – Submersion Tank Part One
Carthage – Refrigeration
Cauterised – Just a Minute
Savier – Everybody Smile III
Aaron Dilloway – Door With No Handle
The Holocene – Ida Part 4
Aux Luna – Suburban Poltergiests Side One
Lieu Noir – Slippery Key
Ryuu Kogan – Primitive Drugs
Cauterised – Father Please Don’t Laugh
Project 22 – Insight
HTRK – Sweetheart
Stealing Kittens – Nuclear Holocaust
Moor Mother – Tell Me About It
Cauterised – Nobody Knows
Savier – Untitled
Accurst – Fragments of a Nightmare 14
Savier and Concrete/Field – PaulSleepFourTimes

VSK – Eternal (Chaotic) Inflation [47]
Submechnical – Pressure (Death Qualia remix) [Jezgro]
Solypsis – Death Threat [Component Recordings]


Glasgow’s Savier steps up to the session this week, dropping quite a heady trip. A mix of unreleased material, current favourites and experimental electronic sonics from the blissful to the blitzed. A sublime if twisted selection.

One of our live listeners commented –

This is like FSOL on the wrong side of a ketamine bender…
in a good way

Together with his steppy, heavy pressure sludge solo material, he is, with Ingen, banger techno duo Savagen. For something raging hard and fierce, Savier releases breakcore style material as Raw Village Hall. He is responsible for our record label’s latest offering – The Fountain Of Perpetual Decrepitude. A release that is obviously fantastic, and if you don’t already own it, get it on our Darkfloor Bandcamp. Effectively a double album, with Savier’s original work on the A side and a slew of remixes on the flip. On the rework tip we have versions from Submechanical, Opine Kosinsky, Herd, Robert Logan, Metalogue, 5th of July, and A Vengeance.

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