Luis Ruiz – Atlantis

The techno revival in 2012/13 has certainly become more than just a typical fad in electronic music.

Unlike the woefully depressing world of Trap, it is supported by labels like Stroboscopic Artefacts, Perc Trax and veterans to the scene like Surgeon and Function; with celebrated newcomers like Blawan and Dadub providing it with enough foundations to have at least some longevity on the electronic scene as a whole. However, what direction is it moving towards and who are the likely successors?

Introducing Luis Ruiz, who in 2010 released the album Atlantis on Subsist, which is of essential collection. From Buenos Aires, Argentina – he started experimenting with production at the tender age of 14, refining his techniques in his late teens. He now runs two labels; Analogate Recordings and Subsequent Records. The latter releasing vinyl.

He states his influences are both physical and musical. Physical in the sense of classic drum machines like the TR-707, 808 and the 909. And musically, drawn to the early innovators of acid house in the 1980s. Which he claims to be a major influence on his production style.

When an individual starts production at such a young age it is of no real surprise that in terms of the sound design and programming the production is both sonically impressive and well refined. Luis is both an expert at his craft and an innovator in his purpose.

To pick out three individual tracks objectively is a tall order as there is tundra of explosive material waiting to be heard, but standouts for me have to include, Niribu, GOG and Astrophysic. Niribu relies on a simple synth line and eerie atmospheres, which are delivered to perfection, whilst GOG sits on a slow moving baseline, which anchors the track nicely to the dance-floor. Finally, Astrophysic with its unusual chord activity is constantly surprising you with its change in moods.

This album is full of unusual treats, which open-minded music lovers, and not just the techno obsessed, would welcome warmly. Recommended.

Luis Ruiz – Atlantis

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