Logical Disorder’s new year eve Sedna Sessions live PA

Whilst myself and others had guest mixes aired as part of Future Music FM’s evening that welcomed in the new year, another electronica series was doing their own – the Sedna Sessions.

I recorded a session for the yearly broadcast series myself back in 2011/12. It’s curated by Up Digital, who always has a selection of fine electronica producers and DJs. This year no exception. One big aspect of the sessions this year was that German IDM netlabel Crazy Language presented most of their roster including the achingly beautiful electronica of Javier Barrero, better known as Logical Disorder. He’s still under the radar of many would be fans of his sound – that of sublime crisp textures, post industrial imagery and a sense of the epic.

Anyways, his session (and I believe all the Crazy Language folks who took park) is online for those, like me, who missed the live transmission.

exclusively done live set for CL spotlight at Sedna Session with new material and new version of older tracks.

It’s streaming only at the moment.


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