Erik XVI – The Fading Splendour of a Technological Future

Happened across this mix on a music forum I frequent and whilst from the outset the tracklist doesn’t seem anything too out there or anything, the feedback received was. The description definitely intrigued me. I’m glad I checked this one out, as it’s bloody fantastic. It really is something different and puts these tracks into a new light. First time I’ve come across the Broken20 folks and this mix is the 4th in their podcast series.

Really get on this one guys. Hearing The Bells as Erik XVI presents it is just wonderful.

In a parallel dimension not often intruded upon by the living, the sounds to which we dance took a decidedly different turn around the time of the latest millennium change. In this twilight world at the 90th parallel, the custodians of the 90 drums beat out their steadfast but languid rhythm at an ever-decreasing pace year after year. Ghostly apparitions flicker in the dusk and mysterious semblances shimmer in the cold, entranced by disembodied choirs of haunted voices singing in the distance.

As the dance progresses, the plaintive hymn to the machines gradually escalates into a preparation for battle, as the holy technocrats push their sacred machines to ever more intense configurations of desire. The cascading shards of ice that envelop this polar scene give rise to magnificent and otherworldly echoing tones, but sadly also contribute to the terminal decay of the ancient technology favoured by the undead to create their hypnotic sounds.

Intrepid explorer Erik XVI gained unprecedented access to the fading splendour of this parallel future, and succeeded in bringing back this unique audio artefact, a field recording of what happened to the music we call techno in an alternative universe.

Erik XVI – The Fading Splendour of a Technological Future
01. Bandulu – Redemption (Dub)
02. Unit Moebius – World Turns Round
03. Shape Changer – Welcome Change
04. Thomas Chrome – Burn Rubber Burn
05. Oliver Lieb – Metropolis
06. Umek vs. DJ Misjah – K’pr Norcih
07. Mr. Barth & The Persuader – Snorkelmannen
08. Monika Kruse & Patrick Lindsey – U Like
09. Steve Poindexter – Computer Madness
10. Jeff Mills – The Bells
11. Dave Clarke – Storm
12. Adam Beyer – Pumping Mate 1
13. Phylyps – Trak
14. Bandulu – Redemption (Dub)
15. Technasia – Future Mix
16. Underground Resistance – Kamikaze
17. DJ Misjah & DJ Tim – Keep Your Love
18. Hardfloor – Roarrh
19. Mescalinum United – We Have Arrived
20. Marco Bailey & Redhead – Watch Out
21. Thomas Krome – Woodcarver Remix CR01-B1
22. Unknown – Fade to Techno


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