Darkfloor in Session 045 + Matt TdK


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Rotterdam based welshman Matt TdK pummels us into submission for our 45th In Session selection. A riotous slamming of techno vinyl across 1 hour and 34 minutes. This one gets the blood pumping.

Karenn – Nelly [Works The Long Nights]
Ansome – South London Analogue Material 002
Drax – Phosphine (Perc and Truss remix) [Perc Trax]
Mr. Jones – Reality Check (Inigo Kennedy remix) [DSNT]
D Carbone – Anomalies EP [MORD]
Joefarr – Sentry EP [Power Vacuum]
Ansome – Penny + Pound EP [MORD]
Karenn – Summer [Works The Long Nights]
Ansome – South London Analogue Material 002
Ontal – Combat Engineering (Tomohiko Sagae remix) [Overdraw]
Perc and Truss – Two Hundred [Perc Trax Ltd]
LOUISAHHH!!! + Maelstrom – Rough + Tender (Dave Clarke remix) [Bromance]
AnD – Esoteric Systems EP [Repitch]
David Meiser – Those Who Still Remain EP [Darkfloor Sound]
Joefarr – Tape 7 [DSNT]
Inigo Kennedy – Vaudeville [Token]
Manni Dee – Amid the Collapsing Scenery EP [Candela Rising]
Jon Hopkins – Collider (Karenn remix) [Domino]
Joey Beltram – Ball Park (Steve Bicknell remix) [Tresor]
AnD – Ard Core Kru [Ann Aimee]
Perc – Dumpster [Perc Trax]
Forward Strategy Group – Code #3 [Perc Trax]
Space DJz – AK47 (Inigo Kennedy remix) [Potential]
MPIA3 – Your Orders EP [R&S Records]
AnD – Kundalini [Electric Deluxe]
Ontal – Output EP [Darkfloor Sound]
Jamie Lidell – Safety In Numbers EP [Sativae]
Julian Liberator – Jamie Ball remix
D Carbone – Anomalies EP [MORD]
Esther Ofei – Rebellion [Neue Heimat]
Joefarr – Sentry EP [Power Vacuum]
Ade Fenton – Into The Spiral EP [Advanced]

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