Sunken Foal
Sunken Foal
Dublin, Ireland

Dunk Murphy records and performs as Sunken Foal, Minced Oath, Press Charges, and is a member of the groups Ambulance, and The Natural History Museum.

As Sunken Foal, Dunk’s sound is rich melodic electronics, warming to the soul but with a sense of leftfield experimentation. His music is a result of both synthesis and traditional instrumentation, often employing algorithmic and generative systems of melody and rhythm. This can lend his music a cascading and kinetic energy.

He’s been championed by Mary Anne Hobbs, John Peel, John Kelly (Lyric FM), and Donal Dineen (Today FM). His music has seen release on Planet Mu, Black Acre, Acroplane Recordings, Front End Synthetics, D1, The Fear, his own label Countersunk, and in 2020 – Darkfloor Sound.

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