Swarm Intelligence

On Mantis Radio tomorrow Jan 25 – Swarm Intelligence

For the 77th Mantis Radio broadcast we head to Berlin to catch up with Swarm Intelligence.

Mantis Radio 77 – Swarm Intelligence
Broadcasting from 20:00 GMT on Future Music

Featured Guest
Born from corroded circuit-boards and malfunctioning software, Swarm Intelligence is the alias of one Simon Hayes. A Dublin-born DJ/producer and manager of Stasis Records.

Pretty much since I began this site, I’ve been posting his mixes and set recordings on darkfloor. Always taking in a range of styles and genres but always sounding both like Swarm Intelligence and that of darkfloor electronica.

He’s laid down a very special and exclusive set for Mantis Radio. Comprised completely of his own production work and 2 of his remixes comes the 77th showcase.


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